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Barbara Calm was raised in a musical family and became a veterinarian anyway. Playing music with other people is her greatest joy, from an 8 - piece marimba ensemble to Irish sessions wherever she can find them. Barbara brings hammered dulcimer, octave mandolin, penny whistle, and occasionally trombone, to Swiftcurrent's eclectic mix of instruments. Her mission in music and in life is to harmonize, and blending voices and genres in this band is the perfect medium to do that.      Jason Foy grew up playing a garden variety of instruments, but was always drawn to traditional Celtic music. As his profciency in flute and mandolin grew, he became more influenced by contemporary bands from Ireland and the British Isles. Jason brings a mix of tradition and modern complexity to Swiftcurrent. His Irish flute and high and low whistles soar in our melodies; his mandolin, Irish bouzouki, bongos and djembe add intricate and driving rhythm. Jason's rich voice adds depth to our harmonies, and his thirst for new music keeps our repertoire fresh and exciting.       Ed Boggs brings a diversity of musical experience to Swiftcurrent. From playing in country rock and swing bands to building Zimbabwean style marimbas, Ed embraces music of all styles. In Swiftcurrent, he plays energetic fiddle and lightning-fast mandolin. With his solid rhythm guitar and heart-felt vocals, he rounds out the band with his wry humor and charm.

Contact: Barbara Calm (406) 471-0872 bcalm1@yahoo.com